School has been a fun whirlwind so far!

I’m looking for a new intro so, yeah, no intro. Boo hoo. Ran out of ideas. Anywho, back to the point of this post. So 3 days ago it was the first day of school. It went well, I met about 9 people that went to preschool and/or kindergarten, plus my friends from Collings Lakes. It was fun, and they got tall — especially Jake Ewan, who was really short. And four of them got glasses.

So, yeah, Tuesday was my second day of school, and that went better because it got normaler, if that is even a word. On Tuesday, we did paperwork in writing. Yesterday, we did an inventory test in homeroom. Oh, wait, on Tuesday in afternoon class, we had a math inventory test.

Anyways, yesterday in afternoon class, it was history, history, history. Mr. Olive LOVES history. And, at the end of that, we got sciencey. I’m not even sure if that is a real word and if it’s spelled right. But, we all make mistakes. So, we used magnets and microscopes and, well, that’s it. Yeah. We went home after that. Goodbye people of the interwebs. That’s all, folks!




  1. Good Job Buddy!! I am UBER proud of you. Im really enjoying your posts and have to admit, I dont know any of the answers for your video game quizzes. :( Maybe you can include Pac-Man ?s, then I will know ALL the answers! Love you dude. xoxo MOM

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