COLLEGE WEEK: Acceptance, wristbands and tics, oh my!

So as you all know, I’m in college now! I’ve been at college for a little more than two weeks, have made so many friends and my tics aren’t terrible! My tics have ranging from moderate to mild these past two weeks, and I’ve been having fairly few vocal tics besides coughing, sniffling and making a small grunting/couching sound. People still notice my tics, of course, but things are going well and people seem to be accepting me! :)

OK, I need your vote on this! I brought my “Tourette’s Tics me Off” wristband to college, and I kind of want to wear it. In the past when I’ve worn it, it makes me feel better about ticcing because it’s almost like I’m saying, “I don’t like ticcing any more than you like it.” It makes me feel more separate from my TS. And it makes me feel like I’m being open and confident about it. I haven’t worn it yet, but I kind of want to.The wristband might draw some attention, and some people might ask about it — which can be good or bad, depending. Want do you guys think? Should I wear it sometime this week?

Tonight I was doing my sniffling tic a lot at dinner, and a girl on my floor who I haven’t told about my TS yet turned to me and said, “Are you OK? OH NO! Are you getting sick too??” She was very concerned because there are apparently multiple people on my floor who are getting colds. Great….lol.

I assured her that I was not getting sick but didn’t tell her they were tics. I didn’t really feel like going into it, I guess, particularly because I had already explained it two other people at the table before. But if she asks again, I’ll probably give her a legitimate tic explanation. Well that’s my TS story of the day :) Maybe I’ll start doing these little TS stories of the day more often, haha. :)

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