Videos of my tics: An exercise in self-confidence

Hey guys! So I decided to make a video. I made a video for my A Little Bit Different: Tourette Syndrome Facebook page about a year or two ago but decided not to make more because I was to critical of myself when I went back and watched the video. So I decided to make one in an effort to share what my tics are and then go back and not criticize myself and/or beat myself up for looking ridiculous, being awkward, etc.

Call it an exercise in self-confidence — or an attempt at it, anyway — by posting this video and not criticizing myself too much about it. I watched the video over and decided to post it, which is a step in the right direction.

Here is Part 1 of my video. It’s a description of the motor tics I currently have. Please comment to let me know what you think or if you have any video suggestions or questions for me. This is a big deal for me. It’s very hard for me to put up a video like this because I can be so critical of myself (the way I look, the way I speak, if i’m awkward or not). It’s a step in the right direction even to put this up because I am trying to let go of those critical thoughts and trying to think that this video actually might help others feel less alone.

And this is part 2 in which I describe my vocal tics.




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