Examining the evidence when it comes to tics

Hey guys. I would love your opinion on something. I wasn’t diagnosed with TS until I was 16, but when I was diagnosed I was so glad to have an answer because I always knew there was something that made me different.

I believe that I had tics starting at the age of 3, but my mom was really blind to it. She didn’t want there to be anything wrong with her “perfect little girl.” I don’t blame her, and I understand, but for myself I have the need to know. I know I will never “know” 100 percent, but I have been looking for proof in places besides just my memory.

Here are just two clips from tapes of when I was younger that show what I believe to be tics. There are probably many more, but these are the two I have found for now.

The first one I did a lot. When I was on the floor, I would just put my arms out in front of me and “freeze” for a few seconds or roll my body around onto strange positions on the floor. If it was a tic like I think it was, it was certainly a complex tic.

The second clip in the video is of me playing outside, but I think what I am seeing in my face is pretty clear facial tics. I’m scrunching my nose and squinting my eyes subtlety and quickly and there are a few blinks in there too.

What do you guys think? Am I just overanalyzing this ,or do you think these are tics?



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