Documentary project and new website coming later this month!

Good and major news everyone! Logan and I will be releasing the long awaited Tourette Syndrome Documentary Project around the end of this month in honor of Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month, which begins today!

Along with the documentary project, Logan and I will also be releasing our website that the documentary project will be featured on. Basically, the website is going to be a video database where people can find video clips and full-length documentaries that are about disabilities, disorders and other life challenges.

Not only will these videos be providing knowledge, they also will be empowering and a source of great support. These videos will let people with all sorts of different challenges that they are NOT alone.

Of course, since Logan and I both have TS, Tourette Syndrome will be a special focus of many sections of the website, so there will be many video resources for those of you in this group!

I hope you all are as excited as I am! I can’t wait to get all of your feedback on this project that Logan and I have spent so much time and effort to create for you guys. More information to come later this month :)




  1. more coolness! you guys are like pros! how much time do you devote to these projects?

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