Call Me Crazy

Mental illness is something that needs to be out there in the open more and become less stigmatized. A Lifetime movie is getting mental illness out into the open. Although I would have been a little more excited about this if OCD or generalized anxiety disorder was in there, I am excited about it none the less!

Through the five shorts named after each title character — Lucy, Eddie, Allison, Grace and Maggie – powerful relationships built on hope and triumph raise a new understanding of what happens when a loved one struggles with mental illness.

“Call Me Crazy: A Five Film” stars Academy Award and Golden Globe winners Jennifer Hudson, Melissa Leo and Octavia Spencer, Sarah Hyland, Sofia Vassilieva, Brittany Snow, Ernie Hudson, Jason Ritter, three-time Emmy Award winner Jean Smart, Lea Thompson, Oscar nominee Melanie Griffith and Chelsea Handler.

Check it out here!

And don’t forget to the fantastic mental illness PSA by the actors of “Call me Crazy!”

Check it out here!



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