ADVICE NEEDED: How do I get my roommate to listen?

Hey guys, I need some advice. Right now, I’m having some pretty loud and frequent vocal tics, so I’m in my room so I don’t bother anyone. The only problem is, my roommate came in and started watching TV on her computer without headphones and it’s really loud and I can’t focus!

Most times, I would just go into a study room, but all the study rooms have people quietly studying in them. I would definitely draw a lot of attention to myself if I tried to go study in a study room. So I asked my roommate nicely if she would use some headphones so I could get some studying done. She told me she wanted to watch it without headphones and that I should go move to a study room.

And there lies the problem … I don’t want to be mean, but I really want to tell her, “Hey, right now, my tics are bad and this is pretty much the only place I can study without bothering anyone, so I would really appreciate it if you would use headphones!” Any advice?




  1. I would tell her just what you said you wanted to tell her. That’s not mean, it’s clear and direct. In my opinion, the roommate is already being disrespectful not to compromise where compromise infringes minimally on her rights. She’s just being a PITA. If you tell her what is going on and she still doesn’t respect your needs, then she lacks basic human empathy and I would try to figure out how to get roommate that is more tolerant and respectful.

    • lol i know pita means pain in the a$$ but it made me think of the hunger games. hehe, i agree with what rubay said…..just tell ur roommate how u feel. being honest always is the best way to go!

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