Super Duper Thingie Mahjiggie Wednesday! (2nd Edition)

Herro der people of the interwebs and welcome to a very bodacious post brought to you by me, Jaden, who is currently farming leprecauns. What? I’m random. Ice cream. Some do the oOympics, and some defy the Titans. Ice cream. Hey! Questions with NO THEME!

  1. What’s my favorite color? Hint: opposite of pink. And no, it’s not purple.
  2. What does “ROFL” mean?
  3. What is the number googol? Yes I did my research and “googol” is a real number and “Google” is named after it.

Well, that’d be all, ghost nuggets! Again, random. Octocorn. Octopus + unicorn = OCTOCORN! Oh yeah! Every Tuesday, I’m gonna make a super tiny post where YOU ask the questions! Also, I’ll allow you to ask questions RIGHT NOW. HOW GENEROUS OF MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! That’s all, folks!




  1. 1. Green (my favorite too)

    2. Rolling on the Floor laughing

    3. it’s 10 with 100 )’s after it, so it’s 10^100

  2. 1. uhhhhh blue?

    2. rolling on the floor laughing!!!!!!

    3. ??????????????????? is it like more than a trillion?

    • First one wrong, second right, last wrong. You still get to be featured though, so, CONGRATULATIONZ!

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