Support for young people

NOTE: Please welcome Tourettes Action, an advocacy group based in the United Kingdom, to TSParentsOnline. Below is some information they have for parents to give their children who struggle with TS. Most people with Tourette Syndrome (TS) are diagnosed as… Continue Reading


Book Review No. 2: “Welcome To Biscuit Land”

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had the opportunity review a book by the very talented and funny Jessica Thom called “Welcome to Biscuit Land.” Not unlike the other Tourette book I had the honor of reviewing, “Welcome… Continue Reading


Check out the book “Welcome To Biscuitland”

Living with a disability is challenging, especially one as misunderstood and publicly visible as Tourette Syndrome. “Welcome to Biscuit Land: A Year in the Life of Touretteshero” (Chicago Review Press, April 2013) by Jessica Thom, with a foreword by Stephen… Continue Reading