Tip #3 to Reduce Tics: Limit Artificial Flavors

Greetings from TicVille: Yes, despite my big hopes that Taurine was the magic elixir that was going to eliminate all tics, twitches and noise, they are back. Turns out… crazy as this is going to sound…. that MY KID HAS… Continue Reading


Coaching teens at the Tim Howard NJCTS Leadership Academy was a gift

I’ve been thinking about how to write this post for a few days now.  It’s hard to articulate all the things that transpired over the Tim Howard NJCTS Leadership Academy weekend August 1-3 at Rutgers University for a variety of… Continue Reading


Laughing about your Tourette

This blog entry is written by Steve Colle, a volunteer with the TSFC Calgary Resource Unit and coordinator of the 2014 Calgary Trek. This blog entry originally appeared on an online forum about TS. You can join the official TSFC Forum by clicking here.… Continue Reading


“Life With Tourette’s” documentary on NatGeo

Life With Tourette’s is a documentary that aired for the first time last night on the National Geographic Channel (NatGeo). It tells the stories of three individuals who are overcoming great odds to pursue their dreams. Here is the description… Continue Reading


Conditional Corner: We’ve come a long way, baby

Conditional Corner is a series that runs Fridays on TSParentsOnline. All stories, including this one by Vrinda Pendred, were originally published at Conditional Publications. When I was a child, I watched the film What about Bob?  For those who have seen… Continue Reading


10 ways to get your kid to work around the house

If you read my post on Friday about child behavior being in the eye of the beholder, you’d know that I promised to give you 10 ways to get your kid to work around the house. Well, I’m a woman… Continue Reading


Laughter, new medication helping family cope with 11-year-old son’s TS

When I picked Ethan up from Nanny McPhee, as we’ve come to refer to her, she handed me our farewell note. After 18 months of watching Ethan daily, our seasoned daycare provider and mother of four — with tween-age children of… Continue Reading