Share these Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month graphics with EVERYONE!

Today is the official start to Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month, which runs through June 15. Every day is a good day to spread awareness about what TS really is and advocate on behalf of those who have it, but there is no better time than NOW to let the world know about Tourette.

It is NOT the cursing disorder.

Those who have it are NOT different from everyone else.

You can NOT catch it from someone else.

Those who have it do NOT want to be ignored.

Spread these graphics around the Internet — on your blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and anywhere else you can think of — so that people stop and ask you about Tourette. Do your part. Help TS become accepted worldwide. Thank you!



  1. I’m not sure what “+1” is, but these are great. Thank you for posting.

  2. G’day from Australia! I hope you all are enjoying the start to awareness month. It looks as if you folks have a lot going on over there! Great pictures, great events. I would love to hear how everyone plans on doing their own awareness items.

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