Kudos to my son for talking about TS at school

Our 13-year-old son, Dylan, was diagnosed at 5 years old with Tourette Syndrome. He has been advocating for himself since the 3rd grade, giving mini-lessons to his class.

The other day at his middle school in South Brunswick, N.J, there was an event called Celebrating Uniqueness Day. Individuals with various disabilities spent the day presenting awareness to their peers. Dylan was one of the guest speakers. I just watched his first presentation, and he did a great job educating the staff and students! We couldn’t be more proud of him.

It takes a very brave person to stand up and speak about their disability. We hope all the students who heard him went home with an understanding and acceptance of those affected by Tourette. Knowledge is power.


  1. Congrats! Dylan you are a brave young man for doing what you did, I never would talk about my condition because I’m use to people saying what are you crazy. I have a really bad tick and twitch problem, and now since I’ve read your story Dylan I’m not afraid to talk about my condition. Mom you never once said anyone teased Dylan maybe when I talk more about mine I will get the same results. Thanks Dylan.

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