Setting goals through occupational therapy

We spent the first 30 minutes of occupational therapy (OT) the other day setting new goals for the next 12 weeks. That means that in the last three months, we have met or exceeded our goals or we are refining them. Right now we are working on:

  1. Interactive play, improving social/emotional regulation and refining expected/unexpected behaviors and how we react to them using social thinking curriculum.
  2. Improving explorative play skills resulting in him being able to catch a ball 7-10 times over 3 sessions. Improve skills resulting in him kicking a ball and timing correctly 7/10 times over 3 sessions.
  3. Improving self-care skills resulting in him eating a meal with minimal spillage (not getting spills on his clothes) on 80 percent of attempts.
  4. Improve self-care skills, resulting in him indicating that he needs to use the bathroom without being cued on 80 percent of attempts.
  5. Improve self-care skills, resulting in him tipping his own head back during bath time for hair washing on 80 percent of occasions.

Some of these goals will be met after refining proprioceptive input — for example, using weighted tableware so he can feel his grip better. Some we just need a lot of focused practice. I am finding that short stints of practice more frequently throughout the day work better than long sessions.

Stick around and I will update on our goals as we plug along! Still so proud of my little super reader. :) What are you proud of lately??

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