Newbie here, with the story of my son

I am new to blogging, but I came across this site, and I thought maybe I had something to contribute! My son Evan was diagnosed at age 6 in the first grade with TS. He had always had this little… Continue Reading


“Tourette Syndrome: Coping With Difference” — Autobiography

The following is the beginning of a series of entries that, as a whole, comprise a paper titled “Tourette Syndrome: Coping With Difference” I wrote for a class I am taking at the University of Texas-San Antonio. “It has been… Continue Reading


Setting goals through occupational therapy

We spent the first 30 minutes of occupational therapy (OT) the other day setting new goals for the next 12 weeks. That means that in the last three months, we have met or exceeded our goals or we are refining… Continue Reading


Emotional and sensory support

The conference I attended last weekend was amazing. Four hours of great speakers and information — enough to fill a binder — and I still want to hear more. I learned some valuable information about how a child’s emotional development… Continue Reading


Advocacy and awareness: Necessities and parts of daily life, part 1

I don’t claim to have life as a mother figured out, especially having a child with neurological challenges. I am guessing other mothers have more patience than I do, but I am certainly not giving in or being too tired… Continue Reading


Please offer your advice to a mother in need

I want to repost an e-mail I received from a reader who is going through a hard time. If someone feels moved to comment in support of her, that would be awesome. More to follow! Hi Andrea! I cannot tell… Continue Reading


The speeding hare or the ticcing turtle?

I like to joke that summer in Washington doesn’t really start until the end of September, and the weather on the first day of cross country practice definitely supported my claims. It was perfectly sunny and too hot to be… Continue Reading


The power of a Post-It note

I am sure you’re thinking, “You cannot write an entire post about Post-It notes.” Well, you’re right! I can’t do that, so I guess I am going to have to include some other awesome sensory friendly finds from unexpected places.… Continue Reading


School giving me a very hard time about a 504 plan

Seated at the center of a half-circle desk, I try to adjust my posture to fit. This is impossible — I am sitting in a chair made to accommodate a 5-year-old. I am 5-foot-8, and my knees form a peak… Continue Reading


I’m just learning about Tourette Syndrome … help?

I am a mother of a 7-year-old daughter, Siena, who has multiple disabilities. She has Asperger’s, anxiety disorders, language problems, a tic disorder (which now needs to be changed to Tourette’s), sensory issues, etc., and as a result we have a… Continue Reading