100 pictures for Tourette Syndrome awareness

Hey everyone! We need your help to spread Tourette Syndrome awareness through a new project that is the brainchild of RuthieP from the A Little Bit Different: Tourette Syndrome page on Facebook.

Here’s what we would like you to do! Take a picture of yourself, your child or anyone else in your life that has TS holding a sheet of paper (or if you want to get more creative, you can really write this on anything — cardboard cut out, construction paper, etc.) with a message on it to support and spread TS awareness. In order to be part of this project, your message will look something like this:

“My name is ______
I have Tourette’s Syndrome
I want you to know …… followed by your own short message about TS of your choice, probably a sentence or two saying something that you would like others to know about Tourette.
Please like and share my picture if you support me!
Tourette Syndrome Awareness Matters!”

You can get as creative with this picture as you would like, or it could just be a really simple picture as well. Try to aim for high-quality pictures and make sure you can see all of the message that was written out on the paper!

Also, if you do not have TS personally but know someone who does and want to spread awareness, you can also be a part of this project! Just take a picture of yourself holding a similar message but instead of writing that you have TS say something like “I am the friend of a child with Tourette.” or “My brother has Tourette,” etc.

Then post it in one of three places:

If you have any questions about this, just comment below or send us an e-mail! Our goal right now is to get 100 people to do this and for this project to spur tons and tons of Tourette Syndrome awareness. Please share this post so we can get more people in on the project! We can do this together! :)

Here is an example of one such pictures that was the inspiration for this project! Way to go J.R. for being the first one to make a picture like this! :)


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