My story: 2 of my 3 boys have TS

TS is a complex disorder that can cross over with others! I have two out of 3 boys with Tourette. My oldest is 15 years old and started with tics at 3. He was misdiagnosed by the children’s hospital in Akron, and when things got worse he was misdiagnosed by them again at age 8!

Noah kept getting worse, and it wasn’t until we took him to Cleveland Clinic at age 13 that they finally properly diagnosed him with Tourettes, OCD, Executive Function Disorder and Dysgraphia! He gets good grades but has poor writing and study skills. Noah has head tics, nasal snorting and throat clearing.

My other son, Damien, was diagnosed at 3 with Tourettes and OCD. He clicks and puts things in his ear. He turned 6 and was recently diagnosed with High Functioning Autism by his pediatrician and his neurologist . Damien is 6 yrs old, still soils his pants and has had rectal prolapse 3 times. He spins, flips, skips, hand flaps and has meltdowns. He has to start kindergarten in a pullup.

My middle son is 12 and has inherited my mixed connective tissue disorder. I also have lupus. It’s crazy, and I feel that people judge me, but that’s their problem — I have enough to deal with!


    • I just do! Thanks for your prayers. Its frustrating but i pray Alot and stay educated

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