What Makes Us Tic awareness project

Tourette Syndrome needs more awareness. Bella has made a great documentary to help raise more awareness, but she needs a little help to improve her documentary and get it out where it will be seen. It doesn’t take much to help. If every person who reads this blog contributed just $6.50, she would have the funding she needs. That’s not too much to ask for a little more awareness, is it?


  1. This girl is from Canada. I used to live in the Vancouver area. I wonder if the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada knows about her.

    • They do know about her but I’m not sure if they know about her Indiegogo campaign yet.

      • We didn’t either until this morning! Here’s what she posted on her Facebook page about it:

        “I also want to inform you of an Indiegogo campaign I have started to raise funds to produce the updated version of my documentary!!! I would really appreciate any funds you would be able to contribute!!!”


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