Landmark study reveals impacts of neurological conditions on Canadians

Neurological Health Charities Canada, or NHCC, of which the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada (TSFC) is a founding member, has just released a very important study—the first of its kind—detailing the impact of neurological conditions, including TS, on the estimated… Continue Reading


New TS study finds parallel between humans and mice

The writer of this guest blog, Ethan Macdonald, is a researcher of Tourette Syndome and cognitive science at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, who had challenging TS symptoms during his adolescence. The recent study ”Histidine Decarboxylase Deficiency Causes Tourette Syndrome:… Continue Reading


Supporting Students with TS+, Part 2: School Strategies for TS, ADHD, Aggression & Sensory Processing Challenges

For parents of children with exceptionalities like Tourette Syndrome, OCD, ADHD and mood disorders, classroom strategies are a very popular topic. Parents are eager to understand how their child’s education team can help remove roadblocks to learning, but it is… Continue Reading


Invitation to participate in Tourette Syndrome dissertation research

PLEASE NOTE: TSParentsOnline, the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders (NJCTS), and its directors and employees assume no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, objectivity or usefulness of the information that follows in this blog post. None of… Continue Reading


My story: 2 of my 3 boys have TS

TS is a complex disorder that can cross over with others! I have two out of 3 boys with Tourette. My oldest is 15 years old and started with tics at 3. He was misdiagnosed by the children’s hospital in… Continue Reading


Study: Prevalence of tics among South American schoolchildren

According to a new study, “Prevalence of Tics Among 6- to 12-Year-Old Schoolchildren in the Itagu Municipality, Colombia, in 2010,” in the Journal of Child Neurology, tics are the most frequent movement disorder in children, and they are most prevalent… Continue Reading


Tourette Syndrome patients with tics can benefit from Omega-3 fatty acids

Tourette Syndrome has a whole bag of things to manage. Omega-3 fatty acids might not be able to help with all of them, but helping tic-related impairments is a good start. A new placebo, double-blind randomized study for kids with… Continue Reading


As time “tics” away, neuroscientists discover more each day

As part of their normal development, young children often engage in ritualistic, repetitive and even compulsive activities. Early developmental phases in humans typically involve perfectionism, attachments to favourite objects, rituals for eating, hoarding, bedtime rituals, etc. Psychologists believe that this… Continue Reading


There’s not enough data for accurate estimate of Tourette Syndrome incidence

Hot off the presses is “Prevalence of Tic Disorders: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis,” an article published in the journal Paediatric Neurology by several physicians, including Dr. Tamara Pringshiem. Dr. Pringshiem is a member of the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of… Continue Reading


Does BOTOX help with tics?

Recently, several Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada members asked National Office staff about the use of BOTOX injections as a tic treatment. In response, the TSFC did some research and here is what we found. In the current clinical guidelines… Continue Reading