Letters to Congress about Tourette Syndrome bill ARE read

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a little note that shows how important it is to support H.R. 3760, the Collaborative Academic Research Efforts for Tourette Syndrome Act of 2011. I posted the following short letter to the POPVOX website on March 27:

Dear Rep. Christopher Smith:

I support H.R. 3760: Collaborative Academic Research Efforts for Tourette Syndrome Act of 2011 because my 11-year-old son was diagnosed with T.S. and some of its co-morbid disorders when he was quite young. We want him to have every chance at a normal life, and he is oh so far from that now.

New Jersey’s 4th district

The very next day, the following message appeared underneath it on POPVOX:

This letter was delivered to Rep. Christopher Smith [R, NJ-4] on 03/28/12.

See? Your letters to Congress ARE heard, and our representatives ARE interested in hearing what we have to say about Tourette Syndrome. The more letters we send in, the more likely they are to co-sponsor this bill and get it sent into the House of Representatives for a vote. Log on to POPVOX today and share your opinion!

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