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Ever have one of those laugh or cry moments? Tourette Syndrome can be frustrating, overwhelming, maddening, etc., but it can also be funny or silly. I’ve had people ask me this question soooo many times and I’m thinking: Where do I start? Do you want the manual?


tumblr_inline_mnn48ppweM1r1ma4eI love the above meme because it illustrates the answer to this question so perfectly. What I usually do when asked that sort of question is just rattle off the first dozen or so that come to mind.

So the meme out there these days for all of us Touretters is Tourette’s Toucan! Some of them are funny or awkward, some are just irritants that we experience, and mostly all of them are relatable. If you click on the link attached to the site name and click on “Memes only” in the bottom right hand corner, you can take a look at all of the ones posted so far, but for today I’m going to name a few moments of my own. If you don’t have TS or don’t know a whole lot about it, some of the memes may be confusing, so feel free to ask!

I remember a time, not long after I was diagnosed, when I was lying on the couch having what’s called a complex-motor tic. I was having a tic where my entire body was periodically jerking and shaking every which way. At one point I ticced so hard I fell off the couch laughing. Thinking back on it, the whole scene was kind of funny, but having those complex tics are not always fun, they can be downright aggravating and frustrating.

In fact, I’ve had many moments where I break down and cry because my tics are so overwhelming and “in my face” that I don’t feel like I can cope on my own. I hope that everyone out there has some sort of support group or confidante they can lean on and draw strength from when their own is waning.

The important thing to remember is that those hard tic phases don’t last and the cycle will calm down and change just like any other. Lastly, please remember one can always contact the Tourette Syndrome Association when at a loss for answers. This is why promoting awareness and understanding is so essential, so that in the future there will be more and more resources available to the TS population.

TSC Cold(I made this one myself) This has happened to me more times then I can count LOL I used just automatically laugh and say , “Yeah!” but these days it’s pretty much automatic to say no without any further explanation. LOL

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