Conditional Corner: I have Tourette, and I’m an actor because of it!

Conditional Corner is a series that runs Fridays on TSParentsOnline. All stories, including this one by Chris Tauers, were originally published at Conditional Publications.

Acting and theatre specifically have meaning for me. Initially, theatre for me was an escape from TS that held me captive. When I act, it leaves me inexplicably, it just goes away, and yet I can use the knowledge and experience of it to convey meaning and that allows acting complete freedom to take off inside me. The disorder switches off when I act or even when I visit a theatre! My “disorder” is defied and replaced by theatre and acting.

Similarly, I believe our modern society is in disorder and everyone seeks meaning and to be set free in some way. We tend to “see” our modern world through and because of television. That so-called real-world is a world that left me behind, or possibly I just attempted to ignore it because of my TS. A greater thing was brought home to bear on my life and this thing “theatre” has been my greatest release.

Theatre also provides me with a real kinship with those involved, including audiences, which is made more real the more “modern life” imposes itself on us all and breaks us apart from one another. For me, giving something back might sound trite, but it is imperative because theatre released me and cures me and I feel the need to convey this healing to stimulate the “cures” in others. Through theatre we can replace what is missing in our modern world. Through theatre we can find our “self” and “selves” together.

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