Heartache and ignorance can be avoided

My 13-year-old daughter Ally has Tourette Syndrome. Our TS journey started back 4 years ago. It hasn’t been an easy journey of dealing with school systems, finding doctors and numerous therapy sessions.

But there have also been some bright spots in our journey, too. One of them was finding the wonderful New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome organization and the amazing people who work there.

Through it all, though, the hardest part has been the ignorance surrounding TS. From the public schools to the medical professionals that come in contact with our kids, it’s everywhere. Even harder to take is their lack of even wanting to learn.

I’m not good at putting my thoughts on paper, but I will try and share my journey with other parents. Hopefully, something I say will help them to avoid some of the heartache my daughter and I have had to go through.

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