Tourette Syndrome doesn’t sleep

First of all, I’m sorry if some of my spellings are wrong and/or sentences don’t make sense.

So, I bet you all want to know why I put ^that^ at the beginning? Well, the reason for that is what I want to talk about.

Let’s just say I haven’t had much sleep lately. No, scratch that, I haven’t had any sleep lately. The reason? My Tourette is REALLY bad. It is keeping me up most, if not all, of the night. Also, I missed school because I was so tired I could not get up, and I could barely move anyway as I hurt all over from the tics I’d been having.

I had tics mostly in my neck, but also the really annoying stomach/breath holding tic (anyone else have this one?). I most hate my neck tics, as they can get pretty bad. For instance, sometimes it makes my neck lock and I can’t move it for a few hours (which is very horrible to have happen), but also it can make my neck click an enormous amount of times at once (this sometimes hurts but mostly doesn’t anymore).




  1. Whenever I can’t sleep, I play with my tangle toy. It’s a great tool for anyone, but it’s even better for people with disabilities such as OCD, Sensory disorders, ADHD, people with tics, people with carpal tunnel, and even helps people stop smoking! Here’s the website: tanglecreations.com

  2. Hey guys just to say I didn’t exactly finished this coz I fell asleep at my computer then forgot what I wanted to write next so just posted it xD

  3. just say no 2 drugs! they only make you dumber. i know friends who r on them and nothing good comes of that. id rather suffer with sleep problems even tho i dont have them then take drugs like that. the medical drugs i take 4 ts have enough consquennces.

  4. I don’t think drugs is the way to go dude. They shouldn’t have legalized it. Too many bad affects.

  5. I’m with u. I hardly get sleep at all as my ts I’d very violent with neck tics and also a very painful vocal tic. Keep fighting the good fight. We have to stay positive. As u may know the Tourette’s may never go away. But it will calm down. I know it will because in high school it was bad/violent like it has been recently and it did damn near clear up. Just little things. Didn’t bother me at all for four years. Then it flared up again two years ago and now I’m battling two different tics that just aggrevate each other. Keep positive is the best advice I have. Also marijuana helps calm it down a little. So if ur state is legal for medical weed. Go get some haha.

    Charlie segal

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