Vlogs: 5 new ones about topics that come up for people with TS

  • A lot of people who have Tourette Syndrome or other neurological disorders get put down, so they try to put themselves down or even harm themselves. This video is about self-harm.
  • Suicide is not a topic people like to talk about, but those kind of thoughts go through many teenagers’ minds, including those who have TS.
  • October was National Bullying Prevention Month. Here’s a video about bullying.
  • Soooo many people struggle with depression. You don’t have to have TS to have issues with depression, but many people with TS do.
  • Something else a lot of people with TS and conditions such as anxiety struggle with is being impulsive, or doing things without thinking them through.



    • Hey! I’ve been completely slacking on this blog and I’m so sorry. The moderators have been kind enough to post these updates for me! Most of my motivation comes from my viewers! I wouldn’t be making them if not for the people who watch them. :]

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