Poetry: “My bully”

I have a bully…

His name is Tourette…

He’s abusive and a disgrace to who I am.

He beats me on a daily basis and leaves me to suffer.

He is NOT me… and never will be me…

Not only do I have this personal bully that often leaves me on the ground to sulk in my misery, but I have ignorant people that think he can just go away like a switch…

Like I’m just hosting this disorder to disturb them…

People like that need to lay off… Tourette is one of the worst things that has happened to me…

It makes me stronger as a person and makes me learn to deal with tough situations, but sometimes I just wish I could beat it back…

I wish I could make him go away… I want him gone!

For once, I want to stick up to the bully like I always have!

I want to rip him out and beat HIM down for once!

I’m sick of getting abused by this disorder and the hurtful words of others who don’t “get it.”

For once, I want people to understand that my Tourette isn’t some joy ride, it makes life a LIVING HELL, and it will make sure you feel the pain of it by the end of the day.

It’s ruining my body; it’s taking over… My neck is grinding down; I can hear it with every turn or every whip…

I suffer from whiplash at least once a week..

I feel like I’m breaking my body to host this horrible disorder.

If I’m going to have Tourette, I’m at least going to have some acceptance for this disorder.

That’s my goal — and always will be even when I’m done.




  1. I think a lot of us have gone through this on a daily basis. What is it about us that other kids find so wrong, so weird or so whatever? We are just like them. They don’t get picked on for being jerks or lousy people, yet they should be. I’m tough enough to put up with the bullying, but it doesn’t mean I should have to be.

  2. You described what I go through on a day-to-day basis perfectly you literally took the words right out of my mouth well said well put thank you for sharing this

  3. this is beautiful. im so sorry that u had to go thru so much with ur tourette tho. it sounds like u have it really bad. its good to let it all out in things like poetry, tho!

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