People usually make my tics worse

I’m almost 16 years old, and I have Tourette Syndrome. I don’t have it as severe as others, but it’s still highly noticeable to most of the people at my school. They are smart enough — I think — to know that tics are involuntary. Yet they still get a rise out of calling me out because of it, or even mocking me. No one at this school is understanding, not even the teachers.

Some of my tics are: Jerking my neck (like a fierce nod), rapid blinking/eye rolling, quickly tensing my stomach muscles and the releasing, or making a noise in the back of my throat (sounds like I’m either laughing kind of or saying ” hut ” – the more stressed/anxious I am, the louder it gets.)

I’m normal. I have “friends,” go out on the weekend, get boyfriends, do good in school, etc. — just like everyone else. They just choose to call me out on my tics. It’s extremely hard to find someone completely understanding/supportive of my Tourette at my school.

I wouldn’t wish TS on anyone, but sometimes I wish I had a best friend or a boyfriend who had it too, so they would be more understanding. :( I hate my tics. They make me extremely self-conscious — like I’m a freak. And people calling me “Bobble-Head” or “Twitchy Freak” doesn’t really help my self-esteem any, soooo…



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