Life’s A Twitch story project update

Hey everyone! Remember my “Life’s A Twitch” story project? Well, I received one a while back and forgot to post it here. 16-year-old Jeremy Davis sent in this story. Please share more to lifesatwitch.emma@gmail.com!

My story is that I woke up one morning quite literally and started ticcing and shouting obscenities like the “F” and “N” words, and it went on for about a month. They started in February 2012, and I was diagnosed with a tic disorder one month later on March 14. That was 10 months ago. I’ve been on Clonidine and a medicine called Kapvay, which is basically the same thing. I did go to a neurologist, which didn’t help because he didn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know. So I’m still on the same medication and dealing with my some what annoying twitches and shouts.



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