Tourette Camp

I just wanted to inform everyone that there is a Tourette Camp coming up this summer. I have been to the camp three times already, and this summer is gonna be my fourth time. It is an awesome camp where you can meet many people with Tourette and not feel embarassed to do your tics.

The name of it is Camp George, and it is run by Jonah Schnel. I have had so much fun at this camp. There are many things to do such as swimming, bb guns,  zipline, hikes, recreational activities and more. At this camp, I met someone who is now a good friend of mine and a blogger on this website.

This is great place to go and feel free and not judged by people. The camp is at Irvine Ranch in Southern California. Even if you’re not from the state, you can still come. Two years ago, a kid from Peru came to the camp! All ages are welcome. The camp takes place August 3-6. It you want to have great time and make some friends, come to this camp you will enjoy it.

For more info, e-mail jonah@tsa-socal.org or visit http://www.tsa-socal.org/camp-george.




  1. if i remember its roughly $135 but it could change look at the website for the camp it might have the price

  2. do you know how much it cost to go because i am interested in going

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