Hiding Tourette's: School, education and elephants

My name is Caleb Davidson, and I have Tourette Syndrome.

School, /sko͞ol/: an institute for educating children.

For the past several months, Instead of going to school, I have done schoolwork at home. I am currently trying to go back to school, but that will take work. When I left public school, my Tourette Syndrome was not as vocal as it is now, but we are still trying. For personal reasons, homeschooling isn’t working for me. I’m just the kind of person that needs a teacher, but I need a teacher and a class that can cooperate with my Tourette’s.

As hard as this has been, this new coming term, we are going to start bringing me back to school, one period at a time. Seeing how I am in middle school, we have seven different class periods, so that just makes the work harder.

We have to get a class with teachers and students that can still concentrate despite my noise, without my noise affecting their academic performance. I have to make it just as fair for other students, parents and teachers. And that’s what we are doing. We also have plan, and that brings me to the next part of this article.

An “elephant in the room” is a phrase used to describe something that is being hid but is obviously there. At first, I tried to hide my Tourette’s, but that’s like hiding the elephant in the room.

Now me, along with my parents and school workers are trying to eliminate the elephant by education. Education is the key, if people know about my Tourette’s, it doesn’t bother them as much — for the majority people that is. If you, or someone you know, has Tourette Syndrome, don’t hide it. Do the opposite, and educate as many people as you can.



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