Teens4TS featured on Radical Parenting

Teens4TS is growing up — fast. Having received thousands upon thousands of hits since its inception in mid-November from countries such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Denmark and New Zealand, Teens4TS is quickly becoming the pre-eminent Tourette Syndrome home for teenagers on the Internet.

Its latest feat was getting picked up by the popular teen parenting site Radical Parenting. Run by Vanessa Van Petten and containing content largely written by teens themselves, Radical Parenting features all sorts of helpful articles, videos and other bits of information for parents and teenagers alike. Teens4TS’ own HarryK has been featured there, too. (Read his latest Teens4TS entry here.)

Now, check out Teens4TS’ submission, which lets the world know exactly what is happening here on the blog and in the lives of our many incredible teenagers. You can read our Radical Parenting entry, which has been found all over Tourette Google searches today, by clicking here.



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