21-day fitness challenge

I’m starting a 21-day fitness challenge for those who want to be healthier, lose weight or get shredded! It’s only three weeks — you can DO it! I just finished my meal prep and grocery list for the FIRST week! I have two more weeks to work on. I must admit, it was hard work and I put A LOT of hours into meal prepping for just the first week — researching clean eating recipes, calculating my caloric target and counting the colored containers given to me by the 21-Day Fix Extreme Program.

Thank goodness for Microsoft Excel!!! I have an entire spreadsheet of what I’m exactly going to eat each week for the next 3 weeks and portioning the food out in advance. So Saturday I start grocery shopping and Sunday I will prepare the meals for the entire week. I’m super excited for this adventure and look forward to seeing the outcome of my health, my Tourettes, my body and my mind.



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