Kane’s Journey: Tourette Syndrome

I created the Kane’s Journey: Tourette Syndrome Facebook page because last year when I posted something onto my Facebook about my son and his Tourette Syndrome, it was reported because someone found it offensive.

I am by no means ashamed or embarrassed of my son! I am extremely proud of him! He is such a tough little guy! On the Facebook page and now here on the TSParentsOnline blog I can post about his Tourettes/tics and how he is handling them while spreading educational facts on the syndrome. I have had so many people ask me questions through texts and private messages and requesting I start a page just for Kane and TS.

Having a child with impulse control disorder also can be very trying at times. His anger can turn on at a flip of a switch, a drop of a hat or with a wrong tone of voice. One morning it was the menu for school lunch. After a complete meltdown, he discovered he was reading the wrong day.

Most people who have seen these meltdowns have told me “Why don’t you spank him? How can you let him do that? He is just being a brat!” No, none of those apply. You see with impulse control disorder his anger cannot be controlled like yours and mine. He literally blacks out from time to time and when he comes out of it, he is always confused.

So please don’t judge my child for his emotional meltdowns, because, you don’t understand unless you’ve lived it.

More to come …


  1. My 9 year old son has TS. He acts so bad for no reason sometimes. Gets mad easily. Smarts off makes faces say he hates us ect. Spanking always worked when I was a kid but I didn’t have TS. How do you properly discipline a child with TS? Is there a proper way besides spanking???

  2. as a mother of a child i can totally relate to what kanes mum is saying. Im not ashamed of my daughter either!!!

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