Help out Little Billy!

My name is Chance Raspberry. I’m 32, a lead animator on The Simpsons, and I have Tourette Syndrome. I was hoping you would help me promote a project I’m doing to raise awareness and acceptance for special needs. It’s an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the theme song and album of my original animated series, Little Billy — the first cartoon ever about special needs!

The pilot episode of Little Billy has already been successfully funded on Kickstarter and is currently in preproduction. Now, I have 7 days left to raise $4,500 on IndieGoGo ($1,000+ of which has already been pledged.) If you would please share, post, promote and pledge anything you can/wish to the following link, it would be a tremendous support!


Thank you very much in advance for your time and consideration. To learn more about Little Billy or watch the HD Trailer/Videos, the project’s official website is http://www.littlebilly.com. Thank you!


Chance Raspberry

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