Dentists who claim to alleviate symptoms of Tourette Syndrome, part 1

Someone in my private Tourette Syndrome group asked what I thought about Dr. Sims, a dentist on the East Coast who claims to cure TS through a mouth piece similar to a retainer. I likely know as much about Dr. Sims as she does, as I have received most of my info through his YouTube videos and publishings.

While many are skeptic, claiming that TS is neurological in basis only, I’m always open to new ideas. In fact, I called a similar doctor a few years back named Dr. Stack. As fate would have it, I did some research for this post today only to find that Dr. Stack trained Dr. Sims. Here is a pretty informative article about the mouthpiece and how it works.

When I called Dr. Stack’s office to speak with him, the secretary said he takes phone calls about the device by phone appointment only – an appointment that would cost me $200. Given that I am eBaying one $10 shirt at a time to save for Brain Balance, I declined setting that appointment time. But I did give him the benefit of the doubt. His work is getting decent reviews. He’s a busy dude!

Tomorrow, I’m going to write about what another blog had to say about the work of Dr. Stack and Dr. Simms. Needless to say, it’s very interesting. Stay tuned!

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  1. @Mark – Like I said in my post – or at least the post that will show later this week – I feel very conflicted. On one hand, it sounds like nonsense. There is no cure for T.S.. These dentists have been honest about that themselves – they have no idea what the neurological basis is for it. But the whole “cross wire” thing they supress is the same “cross wire” approach Brain Balance has. It’s the same approach many physical therapists use to help certain muscles regain strength. It’s the same approach many kinsieologists and chiropractors use. It kind of makes sense to me in a weird way.

    Now am I going to fly my kid out to the East Coast on the off chance it works? No, can’t afford it now. But what are your thoughts on all those Youtube videos? Are those kids ticking and then suddenly not ticking? It seems like kind of one huge elaborate ruse and for what purpose?

    Dr. Stack has a degree from Harvard. I can’t discount that.

    Do you think I’m just a desperate mom or is it possible to see that maybe, just maybe, someone has another way to alleviate tics. Notice I didn’t say “cure” T.S.. (Though my title does imply that. Maybe I need to change that.)

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

    • Andrea, we’ll change the title for you to alleviate. Thanks for responding to Mark. And Mark, thank you for joining our conversation here, but could you be a little nicer in your responses? We’d appreciate it. Everyone here is trying to help themselves or others, and niceties go a long way! :)

  2. This has to be a joke. There are no cures for Tourette’s. These guys are just out to make a quick buck. You can tell by the whole $200 thing. I am glad you didn’t make that appointment. I am very curious to see what else you have to say about this. I only found this blog because I was searching for information on Tourette’s.

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