Daily Tourette Syndrome Links: Thursday, Jan. 5

Here are today’s Tourette Syndrome-related links from websites all over the Internet. Some days will have just one or two links, while others — like today — will have a whole bunch. This is just another way we hope to help the parents of the TS community. Also, we are looking for more parent contributions. We would love to hear from you! Thanks!

Profile: The National Institute of Mental Health NJCTS Sharing Repository at Rutgers University

New Jersey Congressman introduces federal Tourette Syndrome legislation

Victoria Harris’ Asperger’s Syndrome success story

Hanging tragedy of Leeds boy with TS

New “Cooper’s Playhouse” legislation

YouTube: Tourette Syndrome, self-harm and eating disorders

Teens helping people learn more about Tourette Syndrome

Mom tells of 8-year battle to have son diagnosed with TS

NJCTS, Somerset Patriots to host Tourette Syndrome Awareness Day on April 29


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