Believe it or not, teachers don’t have it easy, either

I cannot believe I waited an entire 8 months to post…

My first year of teaching is coming down to the last 3 weeks. To say I’ve learned a thing or two is an understatement. Being on the other side of the table has been a little overwhelming and I found myself feeling bad for the times I was not in the least bit sympathetic towards Jacob’s teachers.

It’s not easy being on either side. This is my only excuse for not posting….stress. By the time I get home, It’s time to think about me and my family. I learned after the first few months that your priorities change when your number one priority needs you the most. I can’t wait for these next few weeks to pass so I see more of him.

He has been doing good considering another child started mocking his movements a few months back. Jacob took it upon himself to start twirling a pencil in his right hand because he figured it out that his tics could be somewhat controlled when he does this. I talked to our school occupational therapist and told her a little about Jacob. She recommended that maybe I should get him reevaluated for OCD.

Jacob could care less (for the most part) about having tics on daily basis but he freaks out about the smallest things and he is absolutely terrified about aging. He’s 12! He does not want to get older and he cried as his birthday approached last year and he is already started to panic about this year.

I’d really appreciate some input from other parents on this issue. It’ll be a few more weeks before I’m able to get him an appointment.

I will go with the promise that it will not be another 8 months before another post. Comment me on here or visit my Embracing Difference page on Facebook. I’d love to hear how you or your kiddos are doing.

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