52 Weeks of TS: Week 1

EDITOR’S NOTE: Beginning today and running every Tuesday for the next year, noted Tourette Syndrome advocate Troye Evers will share his “52 Weeks of TS” blog journal with the TSParentsOnline community. For more information about Troye, please click on his name or visit his website.

Individuality?  We all struggle to achieve it in our lives, well most of us.  I try in many ways to grasp a fraction of individualism, while also struggling to look like everyone else.  As a sufferer of Tourette Syndrome, I’m already given a uniqueness, a distinct quality. With this added quality to my person, I strive to look like everyone else around me in hopes to disguise my tics.

With this blog I want to show some reality and discredit some of the ridiculous stereotypes out there about TS.  We are not all running around screaming profanities (Coprolalia).  TS varies greatly from person to person, and there is only about 10 percent of people with TS that have Coprolalia.

Most people with TS suffer from a range of tics, and a range of underlying disorders.  As for me, my range of tics includes neck shakes, neck rolls, shoulder rolls, arm flexing, and a throat clear. On occasion, usually when I’m very stressed, or have had a few drinks I do suffer from a mild Coprolalia. My underlying conditions consist of, ADD, ADHD, OCD and social anxiety disorder.

52 Weeks of TS is basically my online diary for people in and out of the TS community to experience and understand more about this syndrome from one person’s perspective.  I will be discussing my week living with my tics, and especially my day to day struggle with my anxiety disorder and OCD. These two conditions really afflict my life and cause for daily struggles, but I push on!

Based on a normal week, this one was not so bad. Along with the blog, I also have written a book named A Day in the Life of Tourette Syndrome.  It is a biography of 17 people of all ages with Tourette Syndrome.

My doctor gave me Adderall for my ADD and ADHD. I was excited because after the first couple of days on this new medication, I felt like my tics had calmed down.  Alas it was all but true. I know that this medication is not for tics, but I was hopeful for a moment. For me the medication seems to be working for my concentration. Along with Adderall, I am also on Klonopin for my anxiety disorder.

I’m prescribed these drugs to be taken every day twice a day. I have discussed my regimen with my doctor, and I only take the medication when I feel the need. If I feel I’m about to have an anxiety attack or my anxiety is higher than usual, I will take a Klonopin. If I’m having trouble concentrating and trying to work on one of my writing projects, I take my Adderall. Like I said this is a regimen discussed with my doctor.  Talk to your doctor before changing any medication regimens. With all medication, especially for TS it comes down to trial and error.

I know this posting was not too much discussion of my week, but more an introduction and invitation to my 52-week journey. I hope that all can learn something and hope to help at least one of you.

Until next week, “I’ll tic to you later.”


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