True life stories can be an inspiration

Hi everyone! It turns out that summer has negatively affected how much I write. I have been trying to clear out room on my schedule to write.

I recently watched a show called “True Life: Embarassing Medical Conditions.” Tourette Syndrome was one of the two conditions featured on the show. The girl, Allyssa, was quite an inspiration. She has tics that are more life-threatening than mine, including holding her breath, fainting and choking herself.

She takes life a day at a time, and she is quite an inspiration to me. She seemed completely fine with herself and her disorder. She was happy to have her friends laugh at her. I’m not sure why she enjoyed this, but she liked to make a joke of it. Sometimes, I enjoy a few lighthearted jokes with my very close friends, but not all the time. This girl can drive even with her fainting tic! I thought this was amazing.

I always think that I will surely get in a car crash if I get behind a steering wheel. With my rapid and intense blinking tic, I don’t think I will ever be able to safely drive. I don’t want to risk my life and the lives of the people on the road and in my vehicle. So, for now I stick to not driving. I could have taken Driver’s Ed in March, but I decided against it.

Allyssa made me think that maybe I can drive, since her tics are more severe than mine and she drives quite easily. She says she just concentrates really hard on driving. I feel like I would have to have music playing in order to occupy my Tourette part of the brain. Tourette is the lack of production of a sufficient amount of dopamine, and music increases dopamine, so I guess that is one of the reasons music helps. I always have to listen to music in order to do my homework each night.

If Allyssa ever happens to read this (small chance), I would like to thank her bunches for helping me believe in myself. If you have Tourette, join in the community, look up our videos and read our blogs. It’s good to know you’re not alone. Lots of love!




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