Things are starting to come together!

Finally, my week of interning is behind me, and now it’s back to two days a week, which I can handle. I have to say, last week reminded me about how bad Tourette can be and how it still makes me cry, sometimes. A week in front of the class is just too hard for me, I simply cannot do that. Luckily, I don’t have many of these weeks left, until I graduate in June 2014.

This weekend I wanted to remind myself of what my message about Tourette is and why I want to be a teacher, so I watched “Front of the Class,” again. It’s the perfect movie for me, because it combines my two passions: teaching and Tourette. (I don’t know whether you can call Tourette a passion, but it’s at least something I’m passionate about.)

Now that last week is done, I can go back to preparing for Athens. It took me two days last weekend, but in the end, I was able to book the hotel I wanted at the price I wanted, so I’m very glad that’s fixed!

I still have some doubt about what I’m gonna say and I’m scared that I’m going to forget something and blow the perhaps only chance I have, but on Friday I spoke with a friend about my speeches and she asked me what I wanted to say. I gave her a short summary and she was immediately really impressed.

That’s when I realized that I’ve thought so much about it, that it doesn’t impress me anymore. But it impressed my friends, and they’ve heard it before (just not that much) and they were impressed, so I’m confident what I want to say is the right thing.

For my other speech I really have to find a way to translate all the technical stuff, I guess I’m going to ask my former therapists. And besides that, I usually name my symptoms the way I think they’re called, without knowing it for sure, so I have to do some research on that as well! But I’ve started making the PowerPoint, so I’m on the way!

Besides all the stuff I have to do, there’s the stuff I want to do and that starts with finding clothes I want to wear! I want to feel confident about the things I can control, so I only have to worry about the things I can’t control, like the way my speeches go. So clothing, shoes, the hotel and stuff like that, is very important!

What I already had was a nice black dress, I just have to find a belt with it (I’m not sure yet, though). And I have a nice skirt, which just needs a nice white shirt. I’ve ordered it online, but it didn’t come in so far, hopefully this week! (Of course I want a special shirt, It can’t be just any white shirt! That would make it easy, and my Tourette has never done that for me. ;) )

And yesterday I went shopping!! Here in the Netherlands we have this store that sells the most amazing dresses. They’re not cheap, but the fabric is great, so you can use them for many years. Once in a while they start a new line and it usually sells out in no time.

Yesterday, the new line came in and I went directly to the store and I bought two! One is very business-like, what I love and the other is also sophisticated but a bit more casual, so I’ll wear that one the last day, when there’s an meeting for different TSAs as well.

And (no I’m not done!) I bought beautiful black heels, in a way higher price point than I usually get, but I can use these for special occasions for many years to come. Now I’m broke, but hey, I’ve got a lot of nice stuff so I’ll deal with it!

The next couple of weeks are not as busy with school as the past weeks, so hopefully I’ve got the time to keep preparing as the conference is officially only one month away!



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