The week of ups and downs

The wisest mind has something yet to learn.

~ George Santayana

Hi everyone. This past week for me was like a roller-coaster. After my second mom’s stepmom’s friend passed, things became hard for her. She has had a lot of people that she knew die on her the past two years.

Last Monday, I decided not to do something because of a gut feeling, and my second mom became furious with me (I knew that probably would happen), and what was worse is that was on the day of dance class. The good thing is that my friends there made me laugh and feel better about life.

We all recently had a family talk, and I realized that I don’t know how to use actions to show people that I appreciate them. I’m only good with words. It is a skill that I need to practice and learn, because I was told that twice this year by two different people. I despise hurting people. It makes me feel sick to my stomach, literally. Everything is good now, but we just need to work things out with making her feel more a part of the family.

My tics have been pretty high for a few days of the week. I just got some more Zoloft to last at least 12 days for me. I just need my gummies now, but we are having trouble with money, but then again, who isn’t?

I am still editing chapter 2 of my book. School is going good. I am trying to read a book for English, a subject I am behind in. I hate being behind pace. I already owe six assignments in and I can only find excerpts of the book online. I will get the book on Thursday, but I don’t know if that will help me get back on pace. I am trying my best with everything right now.

I am also having a rough time with a friend of mine. I am falling in love with someone with whom she disapproves. She treats me like I don’t ever have a chance with him, and my other friends tell me to dump her. The thing is, she has a family that leaves her out all the time.

She’s having a rough time in life as it is, and I feel like she needs a friend right now. Butshe always argues with me about the guy for whom I’m falling. I know this has nothing to do with TS whatsoever, but it is nice to vent. I don’t want to sound like I have a perfect life because believe me, I don’t. I am working on the bumpy roads in my life.

Speaking of friends, I am probably going to go to prom by myself because my other friends are not allowed to go because of how late it is. I might be able to go with one friend, but it is unlikely. I will be scared out of my mind because I have social anxiety. But I’ll make it through. It is prom after all.

And I found out that prom is the same date as the Tourette Syndrome Association Conference in Virginia. I hope to go to one in Florida. It’ll make things easier with money and all.

I am also looking at colleges. I may still be in high school, but it’s never too early to look at colleges to which I want to apply. One of my friends is going to help me prepare for practicing my SATs and stuff. I am really excited about that.

So, this was my week. My uphill and downhill of a week. But it is a brand new day and a brand new week. Things will get better. I have to keep positive and believe I will make it through. Like everyone else on Earth, I make mistakes and learn from them.

Question of the week: What was the hardest thing you’ve had to go through in life so far?

I hope you all have an eptasticful (for those of you who don’t know what this word means, I made this word up on my 15th birthday. It is a portmanteau of epic, fantastic and wonderful) day! :)



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