Taking care of siblings with OCD

Hi! I am Katrina. I’m 19. My brother and sister have OCD. My brother could have Tourette Syndrome, they just aren’t sure yet. The doctors know my sister does not have it, she just has really bad OCD. I have to live with my sister. She can’t really touch anything, so I have to do it for her.

If she needs to go outside, I have to open the door for her. If she wants the channel changed, she asks me. My brother is the same way. Once he takes a shower, you can’t get dirty. He can’t change his son’s diaper because he’s scared he is going to have a tic or he’s going to get dirty.

So, when my nephew is at my house, and his mom won’t do anything, I do it. At first I was mad that I had to do it, then I understood why. I would do anything for them because I’m their sister and I love them.



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