Super-Duper Thingie-Mahjiggie Wednesday!

Herro der people of the interwebs and welcome to SUPER-DUPER THINGIE-MAHJIGGIE WEDNESDAY! (2ND EDITION :D) I LOVE ALL CAPS. It’s 8:35 and i’m missing Survivor. 8:36. Tick. Tock. The mouse went up the clock. I came totally unprepared to this site to post. I thought it was Tuesday…LET’S TALK ABOUT SCHOOL! Again, LOVE all caps! :D

So school has been fine enough. I will admit I’m nearing the dead end of the road with my “remembering what to bring home” thing. Did I say fine? I meant OK. Ish. OK-ish. Yeah, that’s it. I had the running test today. Or, as I call it, THE RUNNING TEST OF HORRIBLE UNBEARABLE TERRIFYING DOOOOOOOOOOOM! I just made that up. What are you talking about, I definetly had that made up before. Heh, heh. *clears throat*

So, if YOU, dear reader, went to school today, please comment how your day was. That’s all, folks!




  1. U r adorable Jaden. :) :) :) I went to school yesterday and it was just another day. In fact I am at school right now. Takin a break…..school doesnt bother me. I love my friends and my classes arent bad. How are your tics in school? Im able to keep mine at bay for the most part until I get home, then they get really bad….

    • My tics are fine, but today the subsitute for my math/social studies/science teacher rufused to let me take a break. I was calm about it, but on the inside, D:<

      • That teacher has to let you take a break, its in your 504 plan. As long as you don’t take a break to goof off my love ;)

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