My Toolbox for Tackling Sensory Overloads

As a fellow teen with TS, I have experienced the typical “tic outbreaks” and “sensory overloads” most of us have on certain days. I also know that they sometimes come at times where you need to do important tasks. So, how do I manage these moments?

First, you have to know your location of your tic outbreak: These are examples everyday places:

  • School
  • Home
  • Sporting event

Then, you need to go to a quiet place:

  • In school, I go to the hallway (preferably one with windows)
  • at home, I go to my backyard
  • At a sporting event, I usually go to a hallway also

Then, You need to be able to perceive the current environment you’re in to be calming. Then, Take a deep breath, and notice the color of the grass, the animals outside, or the cars passing by. I hang out with my chickens when I’m stressed (I practice taking pictures  of my chickens to help me relax. This is of my chicken named Oatmeal):

Then, after you take a minute to relax, your tics and stress will calm down, and now you can resume your activity stress-free. Remember, Don’t make a 2 minute break a 30 minute break!



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