Comments about depression and suicide, part 2

Hey everyone! There has been a big problem I would like to address that I started addressing in yesterday’s blog. I’m sure it hasn’t just been happening in my school or even just my state. The problem is this not so new but is now a very popular saying. Kids say it jokingly all the time nowadays, and they don’t understand how it can affect people. The saying?

Go kill yourself.

Oh, yes. Unbelievable, right? If you answered no, then listen to this. Kids may be saying it in a “joking” tone, but you’d be incredibly surprised by the amount of people who consider it when you tell them to kill themselves. I know people who have attempted suicide, and it’s no joke. It’s not funny. I cringe every time I hear this “joke” in the hallways.

Also, there’s the saying kids will just say like it’s no big deal all the time. “Kill myself” or just “KMS”. Dropped my pencil? Kill myself. Wrote that word down wrong? KMS! Nothing good in the cafeteria? Ugh, kill my freaking self.

Someone took my seat? LOL, KM freaking S!

Well, I’m not “LOLing”. Suicide isn’t a joke. Maybe you think I’m overreacting, and if you do, come back and read this after you’ve felt suicidal and depressed, had two or more friends and a family member attempt suicide, then had to live with it feeling like it was your fault. Yeah, read this after that if you think I’m freaking overreacting. Because I’m not overreacting.

People from my school may read this and think “What a freak, she’s so dramatic!” Except I’m not being dramatic, I’m being mature. Yeah, sue me for being more mature than all of you people telling others to kill themselves. Not even am I just being mature, I’m being freaking humane. I thought it was morally wrong to tell someone to kill themselves, and now it’s just being tossed around like a hot potato? I thought it was just something all decent human beings knew not to do.

When I hear someone say something like that to someone else, I normally tell them, “That’s not funny, stop.” But after a while, they say it so much that you can’t tell every single person to stop. They don’t listen, anyway. If someone says it to me, I either say, “That’s not cool!” or “OK”.

What if you said that to someone who was actually suicidal, and after you told them that, they went home and killed themselves? How would you feel? It’s not even just about you, it’s about them. You basically told them to murder someone. Yeah, maybe that sounds weird to you and you’re thinking it couldn’t be true.

Yes, maybe you’re thinking, “They couldn’t actually take me seriously”. Oh, and some of you say it’s OK of course because you say “JK” after you tell them to kill themselves. You know, go commit suicide, just kidding *giggle*!

People say it so lightheartedly, when it’s one of the meanest things you can tell someone. I don’t get why people my age have to be so damn immature and not think before they speak one bit. It makes me so mad that they have the audacity to tell someone to take their own lives like it’s a normal thing to say. A funny thing to say. It’s not funny. It’s inhumane. It’s disgusting. It’s WRONG.

I may be rambling, but this overwhelmingly disgusts me. The people that say it disgust me. In my entire life, I have never told someone to kill themselves. Not jokingly, not seriously. Never. And I never will.

It gives me haunting chills whenever I hear that phrase, or even when I read it.

Go kill yourself.

Yes, people have said it to me before. Mostly jokingly, but this one time in middle school it really affected me. He was still joking, but it hurt. It still hurts. He told me, “Why don’t you do the world a favor and go kill yourself? Just go home and kill yourself. Do it.” Those were his EXACT words. His very exact words. I don’t remember what I said, but I know I must have been thinking, “You think I’ve never thought of that before? You think I’ve never wanted to die?”

Words can hurt. Yes, but I don’t let them affect me, you may say. Hey, I don’t anymore either. But these words are different. They can penetrate every wall you put up. Oh, you’re too confident in yourself and you would never let those words get to you? Alright, well good for you, but not everyone can let those deadly words pass through one ear and out the other.

Kill yourself.

Those two words conjoined are a death sentence. Thanks for reading.



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  1. Excellent post.

    And no, you’re not over-reacting. You’re not rambling. You’re right. Your last paragraph sums it up exactly.

    Thank you.

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