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Leadership Academy Alumni Association

“The Leadership Academy is a place where kids with Tourette can come together and grow, no matter where they are in their journey when they first arrive.” —Hallie H., Leadership Academy Class of 2014

Welcome Alumni!

We hope this page helps you keep in touch with your teammates, coaches, coaches-in-training, and NJCTS staff.

The NJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy Alumni Association serves all alumni, coaches, and coaches-in-training of the Leadership Academy. The purpose of the association is to provide community, support, guidance, and motivation as you work toward the goals you set for yourself—both at the Academy and in life.

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Become a Coach!

NJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy coaches are invaluable members of the leadership team at the core of the Academy.  Coaches are between 20-30, have a TS diagnosis, may have been diagnosed with co-morbid conditions, and ideally have considerable leadership experience.  They must have at least two years of college or post-high school work experience to be considered for the position.

Coaches are comfortable sharing their own experiences, strengths, and struggles, and are comfortable providing support to others who may be struggling to share their own experiences. Other duties and expectations found in the application.

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