About NJCTS Walks for TS

The NJ Walks for TS program was created in 2010 by kids, for kids, in collaboration with NJCTS. NJ Walks for TS promotes acceptance, awareness, advocacy, and action on behalf of New Jersey’s more than 20,000 children and families living with Tourette Syndrome and its associated disorders—an inherited, misdiagnosed, and misunderstood neurological disorder characterized by involuntary sounds and movements know as tics that affects 1 in 100 individuals. These 5K walks/family fun runs are a chance to stand up and step out to break the stigma attached to TS and show support for friends, family and neighbors living with this misunderstood neurological disorder.

NJ Walks for TS encourages all participants to rally around kids, families, and adults with TS and form teams to both run/walk and fundraise support.

Support and join a walk in your area!

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