Seeking input on some TS poetry

Here’s what I started to write as part of the ending of my paper on Tourette Syndrome. These were the words I thought about as I read some of the frustrations people with TS live with. Does this apply to you? What would your reply be to this poem? Be inspiring. Think of what you would say if it were up to you to pump up this person’s self-esteem.

I have stood out in the crowd

Yet I have stood all alone
The way I move, The way I sound
That’s only what they see, and for what I’m known

Some glare at me with their angry looks
Others just choose to pass and look away
“I can’t stop, but I try really hard!”
I plead and tell them this every single day

What can’t they understand?
All I want is to just fit in.
I live with Tourette Syndrome
Will I ever truly win?

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  1. What I would say to pump up this person’s self-esteem is:

    “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”
    – Scott Hamilton

    So persons having a bad attitude towards individuals with Tourettes are the real disabled ones!

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