For one family, and NJCTS, Mendham Walk was a huge success

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all about the 5K run my family and friends did to support NJCTS up in Mendham, N.J. It was so very fullfilling to see all the people who came out to support my son and our family. I had posted the link to donate on my Facebook page and got a donation from someone I didn’t even know!! She was a cousin of a friend, and when I wrote to thank her, she explained that she, too, has TS.

It was remarkable because then the very same thing happened the next day! A girlfriend of my older son’s friend donated and told me that she has TS, too. I have tears in my eyes as I write this because ALL of these people came out to support us. Our team was huge!!

And all of Kyle’s cousins and friends who crossed over the finish line had smiles from ear to ear! It was great cheering them all on. I think my son, who is 12, was truly in AWE to see the support. He actually made a speech at the breakast we had after the run, thanking everybody for coming out on his behalf. And if you know my son…..that was HUGE for him.

I just think it really touched his heart (and his mother’s, as well). It was also great, as always, to be with others with TS, and I can’t thank the NJCTS enough for that. I write this in hopes that next year, you too can join us!!!

For more information about the walk — including stories, thank-yous and the opportunity to buy a T-shirt from the event — please visit the NJCTS website. 

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