If you haven’t signed the Tourette Syndrome petition … DO IT NOW!

There are two ways you can help your child be amazing despite a few tics and twitches (or even major ones):

  1. Concentrate on their gifts, not their weaknesses! Be funny! Laugh! Fake it til you make it! (Lots of exclamations here! It really works!)
  2. Sign this petition to get more education and research out there to understand Tourette Syndrome. This will also help educate the public. Did you know that 1 out of 100 people are affected by TS? That’s a lot. Moms and Dads reading this blog, you have to know that you are not alone.

In closing, I’m off to UCLA today for our weekly drug study check-up. I’m quite certain that this will be the one hour in an entire week where my kid isn’t ticking 40 times a minute. Why will he not tic for the famous Dr. McCracken? Because life seems to work out like that sometimes, which is fine — one more thing to laugh about later. If not, I’ll cry. And really, who needs that? Isn’t it so much better to not take ourselves so seriously?

PS: Sign that petition! Please! (I’ll even run a small contest. I’ll pick one name from the list of people who leave a comment here saying they’ve signed the petition. YOU, dear winner, will get a personally mailed note from me with a trinket from UCLA. Go go go!)


  1. I signed it! Now if only Colorado would be as involved with TS as New Jersey…

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