“He just can’t control it”

My son, almost 11, was diagnosed with TS about 2 years ago. Looking back, it had been going on for about 2 years prior to his diagnosis with symptoms of sniffing, throat clearing, etc.

Everything became clear during a travel baseball game when he was on the mound to pitch. He could not control his head and neck, except during the actual pitch. High anxiety situations and fatigue provoke his tics.

Currently, the tics are controlled with a low dose anxiety medication. BUT the behavioral characteristics of a pre-adolescent, pre-puberty, pre-teen is our main concern at this time. It is exhausting to manage! Struggling with dysinhibition, oppositional defiance, rage, etc.

What is breaking my heart at this time is the fact that he is a really good kid, (straight A student in high-ability classes and manages his time with sports) and how hard he is working and fighting to keep it all together all day — only to release his wrath when he gets home on his little brother and sister and parents!

I can tell that he knows what is going on, but just can’t control it.

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